Professional Air Duct Cleaning for Homes, Schools and Office Buildings

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Dirty air ducts decrease furnace efficiency and cause a variety of health issues including allergies and respiratory issues from dust, pet dander, construction debris, and mold that accumulate in the ducts. R&S Cleaning provides quality duct cleaning services to commercial and residential properties utilizing the latest technology and high-quality equipment.

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Industries Served

Homes of all sizes

Apartment Buildings


Large and Small Office Buildings

Our Proven Process

Vent Removal and Duct Cleaning

Each vent is removed, and all ductwork is cleaned by agitation/forced air.

Furnace Cleaning and Sanitation

The furnace is cleaned and sanitized, and all debris is removed from the property.


The process takes 3-5 hours for a home and longer for a business depending on the amount of ductwork in the building.

Additional Services Available

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Reduce the risk of dryer fire and improve the efficiency of your clothes dryer.

Ductwork Sanitation

Eliminate bacterial odors and moldy smells throughout your home or workplace.

Camera Scoping

Diagnose any system issues with the use of a camera scope in your ductwork.


What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

I have recommended R&S Cleaning to my clients for about 10 years now. I can count on them to consistently do quality work. It is hard to get HVAC and air ducts cleaned properly, and they always do professional work for my clients no matter what services they use.

T. Jenson

We have allergies and noticed a huge difference after we had our duct work cleaned/sanitized. We love the eco-friendly products they use, and we feel great having them in our home. We are lifelong customers, for sure!

Steve and Elissa


I had R&S Cleaning do the HVAC and air duct cleaning in my home. I was impressed with how thorough they were inside the air ducts as well as leaving my home clean where they worked. Very professional job!










  What is Duct Cleaning and Why Should I Get It Done?

The dust that circulates throughout your home, along with small toys, pet hair and construction debris, find their way into your ducts. The accumulation of all this dust and debris will wear out your furnace and restrict airflow in your ducts. Professional duct cleaning services will help, along with providing cleaner air circulating throughout your house. A diagram below illustrates the typical components in your HVAC system.

air duct cleaning

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